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Description - Hall of Honor

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The purpose of the Hall of Honor is to recognize McKinley's outstanding graduates who have brought honor to the school through their achievements, accomplishments, and/or contributions to the community and/or alma mater.

Nominations - Any individual may nominate a deserving alumnus to the Hall of Honor based on certain criteria.

Ceremony - The official ceremony to induct the Hall of Honoree(s) is held by the President William McKinley High School Administration on campus. The date of the ceremony coincides with Black and Gold Week (in January of the following year).  For example: the 2003 inductee(s) are honored in January 2004, during Black and Gold which coincides with President William McKinley's birthday.

The Alumni Association holds its own recognition of new inductees at the Alumni Association Brunch fundraiser.

Administration/Inquiries - The Hall of Honor nominations and ceremony are school functions and are coordinated by the President William McKinley High School Administration.  Please contact McKinley High School for questions relating to the Hall of Honor at (808) 594-0400.

The Alumni Association Brunch fundraiser is a separate function coordinated by the Alumni Association. Please contact the Alumni Association.

More Information - For more details, view the Hall of Honor information on the McKinley High School Web site.

Board Meetings

Curious what goes on behind the scenes at the Board meetings?

Feel free to attend.  Board meetings are normally held monthly on the first Thursday of the month, 7 p.m., at McKinley High School-Hirata Hall.